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Spatial Planning

A lot of people underestimate the importance of well thought out Spatial Planning and the impact it can have on their space. Here at Black Shade Design we have been designing spaces in a wide range of different fields and areas including retail, commercial, offices, residential, and work together with clients to create the designs that are most suitable to their specific needs.

Space Planning
Designed Table Lamps

Retail & Visual Merchandising

Retail is our bag, we have been following the trends of successful retailers. Even in this current climate, we have to carry on and find ways that work with our ever evolving lifestyle. 

The future of retail probably isn't just in the physical space or the digital one, but the seamless intertwined of the two. With considered collaboration of the two means that online can be amazing at ease and speed where ever you may be and the physical store can focus on providing brand presence, discover and create amazing experiences.

At Black Shade Design, we create effective designs that work for your business and brand presence.


It’s no secret that office design and environment can either enhance or dampen your company culture.  Ultimately, the best design for your office is the one that reflects your values and meets your company’s and your employees’ needs. 

With some consideration, a well-planned Design Consultation, you can enhance your space, creating self productivity and creativity plus giving it a bit of personality.

Modern Design Workspace

Drawings for Approval

You may already have your design and know exactly how you want it but it may be that you could do with some help with putting it on to paper for Landlord, Local Authorities approval or even to put out to tender for cost comparison before committing to construction phase. We can work with you as much or as little as required.

Furniture Specifying

You have a busy lifestyle (we totally get it) and want a cost effective way to turn a small area into something stylish, Black Shade Design can provide you with the ideas and turn them into a shopping list that sits within your budget. This design package is well suited for anyone wanting to do it themselves but with a little help with decoration / furniture ideas. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Yellow Lounge Chair


Your branding and printing design needs tailored specifically for you. Whether it be branding, logo creation, to advertisement prints or incorporated to your interior package.

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